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Glass-era stuff

From: Douglas Eck <>
Date: Wed 30 Jun 1999 - 19:47:19 PDT

Sheer frustration. My Glass-era jbc mix tape has finally bit the dust. If you read this list you probably understand. It was a full 90 minutes of carefully-selected stuff from the Glass-era. So. I've scoured the web for this music to no avail. I'm looking for .mpegs or cd images of Gift of Music and Bloody Nonsense. Am happy to pay Pat whatever. Happy to pay Glass nothing. Nada. In fact, I'd like to set someone on fire over at Glass, though I don't know whom. Advice?

In any case, I certainly don't want to rip off Pat. Perhaps I should buy two Sumosonic
discs to balance things out. Though what I really want is the JBC Boxed Set. Wouldn't you buy that in a heartbeat?

Interested traders, please send email to

A discussion of the pros and cons of trading mpegs/cd images is invited. A comment from Pat to the entire list is especially invited.

-Doug Received on Wed Jun 30 07:53:58 1999

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