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Butcher Bucks

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Wed 30 Jun 1999 - 16:18:26 PDT

I'll put my vote/wish in on this. Hell yeah! Why not? What about MP3s? Personally haven't delved too far in that direction yet, but it seems to be the perfect type of platform for artists like Butchie to take advantage of. Whatever the case, "Gimme moh muddy fukky Jazz Butchuh, pleez!!"

And it looks like "Best Kisser..." fetched a nice sum on its own too over yonder at eBay.


Scott wrote:
With the above fat price for Jazz Butcher music, perhaps Mistah Fish could consider how many classical composers financed their compositions by selling "subscriptions" prior to publication to their die-hard fans. A new limited disc, with 3-6 new songs, with exclusive package signed by Mister Himself, would probably get more than enough people "subscribing" at $50-100 each to make it worthwhile. A series of these could help to finance the recording of a new full disc worth of material. Todays CD recording technology makes it feasible...

Think about it - you got people paying over $45. each for OLD music - how much would they be willing to pay for some NEW music!!

By the way, the SUMOSONIC website says "SEND MONEY ANYWAY," but doesn't give an address. I'm sure some folks would actually send bucks if they knew they were going right to the source...

Art, commerce - what a marriage!

Whatever it takes for some new tunes! Received on Wed Jun 30 16:18:56 1999

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