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A Momus Among Us

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Thu 01 Jul 1999 - 17:33:11 PDT

Speaking of the perplexing Nick Currie, what a great website thing he's got going! If you haven't checked it out, this guy Momus is a pretty right-on songwriter who posts a lot of info on his site...essays he's written, lyrics, ponderings, tour diaries etc. It may seem somewhat self-serving, but it's always informative and interesting. Kind of a really extravagant online journal/continuing history type deal.

How cool would it be to see a similar Jazz Butcher area of Mr. Whittemore's site, with Pat's stuff up song files, etc? Ah the new age ushers in so many possibilities....

>how about patronage pop?
>Scott wrote:
>With the above fat price for Jazz Butcher music, perhaps Mistah Fish could
>consider how many classical composers financed their compositions by selling
>"subscriptions" prior to publication to their die-hard fans.
Received on Thu Jul 1 17:45:28 1999

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