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"Almost Official" JBC FALL TOUR 1999

From: GDM <>
Date: Mon 12 Jul 1999 - 14:15:50 PDT

JBC List,

                Hope you are all well and here is an update on the JBC fall
tour situation. The visa application was officially mailed Today (7/12/99) , the performers visa allows Pat & Max to play these shows legally in the eyes of Uncle Sam. I am going ahead here and making a tenative announcement of the dates we know of for sure so you guys can start planning to be at some of these shows. The only thing at this stage that can stop these shows from happening would be if the visa gets denied but Pat (and JBC) have applied successfully for this visa 5 times and we are not expecting any problems with the current application.

September 9th- Troubador- Los Angeles

September 11th- Great American Music Hall- San Francisco (tickets $12.50)

September 15th- Berbatis Pan- Portland

September 16th- Crocodile Cafe- Seattle

September 18th- TBA - Chicago

September 20th- TBA- Detroit or Ann Arbor

September 22nd or 23rd - New York City ( Wetlands or Bowery Ballroom)

That is it for now, sorry for the lack of specifics on the Midwest and East Coast venues- they will be official by August 1st.

Once we get the visa approval I will post full venue information and show times. We expect that tickets for all of the shows will be able to be purchased via telephone or internet with a credit card...

Til next announcement,

Gavin Received on Mon Jul 12 14:12:12 1999

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