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[JBC] - the US tour line-up!

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Wed 18 Aug 1999 - 11:21:02 PDT

   Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 16:48:38 +0100    From: Pat Fish
   Subject: Crusty    

   Hi David~    

   We're now finally in a position to let on to The Punter about the line-up    for the American shows. It will be:    

   The Butcher - guitar, voice
   Max Eider - guitar, voice
   David J. - bass, voice
   Owen Jones - accordion, acoustic guitar, voice    Kevin Haskins - the drums    

   For those punters who are slow on the uptake, this constitues the original    Scandal In Bohemia band, with added Kevin.    

   The show will take the form of a JBC soul revue.    There will be featured acoustic performances from Pat, Max, Owen and David    before we get down to the truly destructive business of playing a band set.    

   Please to advise The Punter.    

   Yours, laughing his head off,

      xxx Received on Wed Aug 18 11:21 PDT 1999

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