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Re: [JBC] - the US tour line-up!

From: Valerie <>
Date: Wed 18 Aug 1999 - 11:50:35 PDT

okay, now i'm DEFINITELY hitting portland and seattle. Last call for any SF people who want to make the trip together. Thanks to all you northwest people for rides and advice.

(your friendly closeted goth)

> The Butcher - guitar, voice
> Max Eider - guitar, voice
> David J. - bass, voice
> Owen Jones - accordion, acoustic guitar, voice
> Kevin Haskins - the drums
> For those punters who are slow on the uptake, this constitues the original
> Scandal In Bohemia band, with added Kevin.
> The show will take the form of a JBC soul revue.
> There will be featured acoustic performances from Pat, Max, Owen and David
> before we get down to the truly destructive business of playing a band set.
> Please to advise The Punter.
> Yours, laughing his head off,
> Pat
> xxx
Received on Wed Aug 18 12:05 PDT 1999

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