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Re: last ever?

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Thu 19 Aug 1999 - 15:10:25 PDT

and lo, it be spoken

> Has it been said that this is the Last Tour Ever? I know it's been said
> many times before, but I keep hoping they'll just give it up and come out
> of retirement. Pat and Max with day jobs? I can't picture it (er,
> *especially* Pat).

where has it ever been said anything about a last tour ever?

i think these guys are going to continue to play until the stakes are through their hearts and the heads are chopped off.

> Also, I don't suppose anything's been mentioned this tour about having
> another meet and greet with the band? After last time I wouldn't blame them
> if that idea was a little daunting (A restraining order for the girl that
> can't hold her booze, please!) .. but I can hope.
> -
> V

i brought this up with pat. he sez it will be tougher, as there is a larger group, but they'll "send out representatives" as need be.

so - who's going to line up a SF meeting place? once that's in order, we'll invite them and see who shows up..

-david (

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