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From: Chris Camfield <>
Date: Thu 19 Aug 1999 - 16:46:37 PDT

Now I really have to head south and see one of these shows!!

Also thanks VERY much to SpookyFish for posting the review of Condition Blue, I've got it on the stereo now and am enjoying meeting an old friend again (so to speak).


              Chris Camfield -
                 Big Rude Jake Fan Club President
            "And the Geronimo Kid was the new St. George
               With a Gibson guitar for a rapier sword
           Drove a Cutlass Supreme to the rock-a-way shore
           Slew a hep-cat dragon, jammin' on the beach..."
                     (BRJ, Gotham City Serenade)
Received on Thu Aug 19 16:57 PDT 1999
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