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Re: Right... no Chicago show? Well, then we should make our OWN show.

From: Mr. Nobody <>
Date: Fri 20 Aug 1999 - 14:09:20 PDT

Count me in on this too.


> CALLING ALL CHICAGO JBC FANS: I say fuck it, we get someone with a central
> location, a load of beers, a good stereo, and have our own JBC party. Any
> one play guitar? Bring it along. Hope to fuck someone knows some of Max's
> chords. They make my fingers hurt every time I try to play 'em, so I avoid
> 'em.
> We can call it the "Bugger, Bollocks, Pus, Puke And Spit Night", because
> that's what I said this morning when I heard that there was a Chicago show
> scheduled, and then dropped.
> -Doc

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