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OK, you want the JBC in Chicago?

From: <>
Date: Sat 21 Aug 1999 - 01:28:47 PDT

This may sound stupid, but I'm going to do everything I can to get at least Pat & Max to play a gig in Chicago. I can't get to any of the other venues, and it seems a complete waste that they'll be traversing our airspace without at least one midwestern gig.

To this end, I'm going to have a talk with some of the guys what do bookings at the smaller venues in Chicago (Schuba's, Martyr's, Empty Bottle, etc.).

I'm a Chicagoan, so I'm looking into Chicago venues and hotels. I'm sorry, Detroit and Cleveland, but I just don't KNOW anything or anyone outside of Chicago in terms of bookings... and damn few IN Chicago to boot. If anyone in Detroit, Cleveland, etc is trying to organise something, let me know via private e-mail!

I'm all full of enthusiasm and stuff regarding trying to sort this out, HOWEVER, there are a couple of issues to address.


Pat & Co. may not want to do a midwest date. Or they may not have the time. Let's be real here guys... this is a fun thing for us, but for these guys it's their livelyhood.

**The Guarantee Fund:

I also see a lot of traffic from guys who say, "Yeah, I can pitch in $100." This is serious business. Check and make sure you can afford the hundred. Ask your spouses or significant others or whomever. If you can indeed afford the $100, then send an e-mail saying, "Yeah, I can afford a hundred," to the following e-mail address:

this way, I can get some idea of what the level of interest is. Remember, ten people can create a guarantee fund of $1000!

**What happens if they actually come here?
There will be two other obstacles: accommodation and transport. There will be airfare involved from <wherever> to Chicago. And it may or may not be expensive. Our budget may not be able to swing it. However, Chicago is a hub for air traffic, and there are cheap fares going from places like LA, so it may be possible.

Once the band are here, they'll need accomodation. I doubt Pat would be comfortable sleeping on my floor. So, there's that to sort as well. I don't know what the price of that might be because I have no idea how many band members are might be here.

Finally, time is important here. The guys in Chicago do their bookings well in advance, so the sooner I see interest in guarantee, the sooner that Pat & Co. are serious, the sooner I can be serious about approaching clubs for a date.


-Doc Received on Sat Aug 21 01:41 PDT 1999

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