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Interested in getting "Distressed Gentlefolk" on CD?

From: <>
Date: Sun 22 Aug 1999 - 18:25:55 PDT

Dear group,

Time to take a breather from the tour mania and reflect upon what we really want...The Jazz Bucther discography on CD!

Now, we all know that this company or that one has had the rights to the Glass catalog for what, two years now (maybe more?). Where is the product? And even those recent CD issues (years 1989-1996) are mostly out-of-print, right? What does one do when the tape they made in college ten years ago breaks? You have a vinyl copy you say? Well, good luck driving over the speed bumps at the library parking lot with your copy of "Sex And Travel" blasting out on your backseat turntable! It just ain't feasible! And E-bay!? Sheesh, when was the last time you had $71.00 burning a hole in your pocket for a used CD copy of "A Scandal in Bohemia"?

There are, however, solutions....

If you are interested in getting CD copies of your favorite Out-Of-Print Jazz Butcher titles for the price of a regular old CD down at Wal-mart, then e-mail me with your intent and wish list, and please put "Jazz Butcher" somewhere in the subject. I will respond to all. I'm not some greedy bastard, just someone with the means of getting this music heard in your CD player. Received on Sun Aug 22 18:45 PDT 1999

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