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Issues regarding my CD offer...

From: <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 01:21:20 PDT

Dear gang,

It appears that many of you are interested in my offer, and some fear that what I am doing is illegal, immoral, and down right not nice! (While others say, "Bravo!", "Excellent", and "I laughed, I cried!").

There would be legality issues involved, of course, which bring to the surface the idea of dimes and nickels owed to the artist, writer, composer, agent, management, record company, the farmer in the dell, etc., if....

If money was exchanged.

My plan was as simple as this. Just this past Thursday I purchased a Phillips CD Recorder after fumbling many times with a computer CDR drive (they do make the neatest little coasters and frisbees for your dog). And do you know what was the first thing that came to my mind? I'm gonna make me some Jazz Butcher CD's. But why not share this technology with those who are willing to travel hundereds of miles to see one show, these are the fans! Oh yes, perhaps I could sell my CDR's on E-bay (or even my originals) for $30.00 to $50.00 a pop, I wonder if those activities are alright with you folks concerned about Pat and company's monies. But in fact, my plan was to offer each month or so a selected title, burning as many copies as requested and, hold onto your hats, TRADE them for blank music only CDRs (a 3:1 trade, for example). I have a need for blanks, (as in I have none) and I wouldn't want to gouge people, or rip off Pat. A person interested in this offer will put out an average of $9.00 to $12.00 plus shipping on this deal - for blank CDR media. These people (as well as I) would most certainly buy a new, factory produced Jazz Butcher CD of this older material if one came out to replace my home-made CDR. (Hello, Pat?) How does one lose money when the product isn't availabe to purchase? I'm not pirating (these titles are not in print), nor bootlegging (no money will be exchanged). If you still have a problem with this, I understand. I am not an evil person. Just someone who wished someone else had come up with this idea before me so I could have reaped the benefits. Received on Mon Aug 23 01:40 PDT 1999

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