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Regarding WizardGlik's CD offer

From: <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 06:36:43 PDT

Greetings all:

If anyone who gets a home made CD in this manner has a moral problem with Pat Fish not being paid, the answer is very simple: Mail him $1 per title purchased. You can bet Glass never paid him a dollar a disk, and you can bet they paid him last a long, long time ago.

Remember this, too. Pat Fish has NO control over his back catalog! Faceless entities at unnamed record companies own the tapes now. There's no particular reason to believe these recordings will ever be released legitimately again, or that whoever owns the tapes now even cares about them.  One comparable example might be Adrian Belew's first two Island disks, which have never appeared on CD. Why? Belew believes the label has lost the tapes. Whatever vinyl copies are out there in the world are all there will ever be! And let us not forget the Mothers of Invention's immortal "We're Only in it for the Money" - record company bone heads stored those master tapes improperly and literally destroyed them! Had a safety backup copy not appeared, we would have nothing but the original vinyl copies of one of the century's great albums.

Given such circumstances, I wouldn't come down too hard on WizardGlik's offer. He might be doing a huge favor to another fan who'll will never see another copy (I've been seeking some of these titles for 12 years without seeing one yet!), and will gladly still pay full price if and when legitimate copies are released. In the meantime he's taking nothing out of Fish's pocket that can't be replaced with a check in the mail.

Cheers to you all.
See you at the Wetlands!!!

Daddy Wah Diddy Received on Mon Aug 23 06:54 PDT 1999

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