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Just to clear up a possible misconception....

From: <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 07:22:33 PDT

Hello gang,

Glad to see so many people thinking positively about this whole deal, and thanks for the numerous votes of support!

However, a post mentioned you could get CDR blanks at Staples, and other computer/office supply stores for like $2.00 each. This IS true...for COMPUTER BLANKS! I have a Phillips CDR home audio deck which accepts AUDIO ONLY CDRS. They include some stupid ass copyright protection and are more expensive than computer blanks to provide a $1.00 or so to some general fund for artists who's music is being copied (Pat, if you have a problem, then give them a call!). You will find these discs at stores that carry music or home audio equipment, or on the web at stores like J And R Music World ( and others. Do a search for tapes and you'll surely find a site which also sells CDRs for audio use only. Like I said previously, they should run anywhere from $3.00 to $4.00 a disc (cheaper if more are bought). I think my deal is fair and just, and like I said earlier, I wish some cat had thought of this earlier!

The first title to be distributed for the month of September will be
"Distressed Gentlefolk". If anyone wants a CD copy of this title from my
personal store-bought CD, again, please e-mail me. I'd like to see this evolve as a "Fish Of The Month Club", plus its easier on me this way (I have a job too you know!) Each month or so will be a new title! However, I would like for this to be a group effort where everyone benefits, so if you have CD pressings of certain rare titles ("Bath Of Bacon", "Scandal In Bohemia",
"Fiscotechque", etc.) please e-mail me so we can work something out and let
the music be heard!

With all respect,

WizardGlik Received on Mon Aug 23 07:41 PDT 1999

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