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Re: CDRs

From: Glen A. Davis <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 10:34:15 PDT

A bit of history with these things. When Philips came out with stand alone, home cd recorders they could indeed record on the cheaper media (cdrs) made for computers. This is done by putting an authenic audio cdr in the drawer, closing the drawer and letting the thing see that its an audio cdr. Then manually pulling open the drawer with your fingers (not the eject button), swapping the disc with a cheaper cdr and manually closing the drawer. Well of course the manufacturers found out about this trick and virtually all the new ones available now including Philips, Pioneer and others don't allow for this trick. More expensive ones (like over $1000) will let you use cheaper media (and you don't have to fool it, its ok). You can still buy one of the Philips models (I think its the 780) that allows the swap trick but they don't make them anymore and most stores know that, so they charge $500-600 for this older one even though newer ones have dual cd drawers and other 'better' features and cost less. Glen
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> Oops!
> I forgot about that Audio-Only thing... I seem to remember someone telling
> that there's a way to get the computer ones to work... anyone know what
> talking about?
> I'll shut up now...
> -Ken
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