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RE: [JBC] CD duplication is not ok

From: Rick Karr <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 11:22:44 PDT

Kudos to David for putting his foot down. The level of naivete on this list occasional appalls me -- I know we feel like Pat is _ours_, but he in fact isn't. Royalties are not optional. What's being proposed is illegal, and a further affront to an artist whose work has failed to receive support from the industry.

On another topic: David, is it possible to prefix all list subject lines with [JBC] as yours do? It'd be helpful.


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From: David Whittemore [] Sent: Monday, August 23, 1999 13:59
Subject: [JBC] CD duplication is not ok

so, the issue is not that "making copies of CDs takes nothing out of pat's pocket"..

the issue is that this desire to fill-out our CD collections does nothing to attempt to PUT money into the artist's pocket.

admit it or not, but by distributing the music in any manner not approved in contract by the artist, you are ripping him off.

i have spoken with pat on this in the past. we were on the topic of MP3 trading, and the above basically reflects his line - without a protocol in place to provide for artist payments, then he considers the process bootlegging and will act to cease it. this is his livelihood, plain and simple.

that known - please refrain from discussing the duplication and distribution of CDs on this mailing list.

sorry to be a hardass.

-david (

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