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Respecting the wishes of others.....

From: <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 12:21:47 PDT

Dear gang,

It appears that my plan to provide for a clearer, easier, and more permanent source of Jazz Butcher material is being squashed by the operator of this here "public" board. (I'Il probaby get lectured for calling it "public") I was hoping to find more support here, and only used this forum to provide for the message to get out as far reaching as possible. I guess in hindsight, that was wrong. Should I have asked for permission? I didn't think I needed to. I do find it odd that out of the many voices I have heard, only one is steadfastly against my project. And I now fear this voice will proceed with whatever it takes to get me into trouble in someway legally. ("I'm gonna tell Pat!")

That being said, if this is Pat's "livelihood" (allowing his catalog to go unpublished, touring the USA in two or three states backed by a management team who are one step away from asking for canned food donations for the band, I mean, does this guy even have a recording contract currently?), I wonder what we should do to access the rare titles. Let's see...we can't buy them in a second hand record or CD shop, where there are just so many copies just overflowing out into the streets, for Pat won't be getting any of the money. Darn, try again. How about E-bay? With someone selling their used copy of a CD or LP? NOPE, can't do that either, cuz Pat won't be getting any money from that either. I guess we have no choice but to go to the record shops that sell new, sealed CD's from the record company (you know, like Tower, Sam Goody, Wal-Mart, Camelot, etc.) and keeping checking back every week for that copy of "In A Bath Of Bacon" to pop up new, sealed and unplayed for what, 16 years now? Phew, glad we figured that one out!

So take that tape copy of "Bath of Bacon" you made from a friend's copy, that used "Scandal in Bohemia" LP you found in that record shop in New Jersey two years ago, and that CD copy of "Distressed Gentlefolk" you found at the church rummage sale for $1.00 and throw them all out! Pat made no money on your evil purchases! For shame! And you call yourself church goin' folk!

I will no longer post on this board regarding my project. If you are personally interested, feel free to contact me, I'm still in business, so to speak, and if you are worried about Pat's royalties, include $1.00 per CD. I'll use that cookie jar sitting on top of my refrigerator and put it in there for when Pat and Company come a calling. And if I don't hear from them in one years time, then I am going to blow the wad on a large pizza with TWO, count 'em, TWO toppings! Sorry to be so angry, but I am. I thought I was doing something nice: not charging $72.00 for a CD like they do on E-bay. Thanks for the support, and again, you know where to get a hold of me. It's been a royal headache of a 24 hours.....

P.S. - I guess Van Gogh must be spinning in his grave at all the residuals he's missed out on, huh? Received on Mon Aug 23 12:40 PDT 1999

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