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Re: Respecting the wishes of others.....

From: Valerie <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 13:20:30 PDT

Oi, this happens on every single music list I'm on.

I'd love to have digital copies of all the recordings, but there's personal issues, livelihood ones, and most absolutely, legal issues at hand. and no matter how badly any of us want these cds in our grubby little hands, it's not our call unless you feel like going totally outside the bounds of respect and the law.

>>That being said, if this is Pat's "livelihood" (allowing his catalog to go
>unpublished, touring the USA in two or three states backed by a management
>team who are one step away from asking for canned food donations for the
>band, I mean, does this guy even have a recording contract currently?)

Why does this matter? He has a right to scrape by, make a living, and hold onto his assets as much as he wants. And as I understand it (do correct me..), the catalogue is out of Pat's hands. If he chose to "endorse" and collect money from an idea like this, he'd be just as accountable as you when it comes to piracy laws.

I think it's understood that you ARE trying to do something nice, but unfortunately your good intentions don't jive with the nature of the industry.
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