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RE: [JBC] CD duplication is not ok

From: Frangooles, Bob <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 13:51:07 PDT

I am not a lawyer, but when we are talking about the original recordings, Pat is most likely not in a position to setup an alternative form of compensation, that may very put him into the roll of a "boot-legger".

I am not sure about "alternatives", but I think to a large degree David's point was (and don't hit me too hard if I am wrong), don't organize your venture on THIS list.


Pat's feelings on this matter are certainly understandable and should be honored regardless of what anyone else may think.

But as you note . . .

> without a protocol in place to provide for artist payments, then he
> considers the process bootlegging and will act to cease it. this
> is his livelihood, plain and simple.

I think the problem here is that there is no protocol in place for fans of his music to acquire it in any legal form. The recent postings have been expressing some desire to create a makeshift protocol and provide some form of compensation. The traditional system of distribution has failed to deliver the product to those who desire to purchase it.

For what it's worth, Pat's not the only artist in this particular boat. The "traditional" music business is due for a major kick in the ass for exactly this reason.

Within the realm of legal limitations (pending contracts permitting) it would be nice to see Pat and the rest consider some alternative forms of distribution. Especially for music that has yet to be created. Nothing worse than thinking about future great JBC records that will go out of print in no time flat. Especially in a digital world where there's no reason for anything to ever go out of print.

kb Received on Mon Aug 23 14:09 PDT 1999

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