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CD Duplication ROCKS!!!!! Ride the wave of the future

From: <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 13:56:59 PDT

This is crazy. We've all been trading audio tape for years without artisits seeing any money.

I just made a compilation tape for a friend and included When Eno Sings. How many people really see this as wrong? Move it to CD and I'd be a criminal.

The level of naivete on this list occasional appalls me.

This is the wave of the future and nothing is going to stop it. I have never heard In Bath Of Bacon and would love a copy. I see no difference between someone taping it for me on Maxell audiotape and someone burning a CDR. There are those who would argue that tape degrades. SO WHAT. If I came across a real copy of the album I would still buy it cause I'd want the official copy.

Here is a newsflash: If I am lucky enough to ever own In Bath Of Bacon, Pat will not be seeing any money unless I buy it off him.

Here is a newsflash: If I am lucky enough to own Scandal In Bohemia, Pat will not be seeing any money unless I buy it from him.

I don't see Pat offering any copies for sale, so, SAD TO SAY, he won't be benefitting from my aquisition of JBC material that is out of print.

The Colourfield CD Virgins & Philistines is selling on EBay for close to $300.00 and Terry Hall will see none of it.

Some people here are pretending to have a conscience. I wonder if these people already have the JBC catalog and therefore have nothing to gain. I would bet that everyone on this list has traded audiotape or at least made a tape for a friend. I want Pat to prosper just as much as everyone else, but I'm not going to stop myself from buying used CD's or trading music with friends.

It's all the same. No matter what your take is, it is all the same. Record albums used to include a label that read "Home Taping is KILLING the music industry". Now that that load of horseshit has died down, I guess the new labels on CD's will read "Home recording on a digital format is killing the music industry"

Give me a break
Dave Received on Mon Aug 23 14:14 PDT 1999

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