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Re: [JBC] pat's thoughts on bootlegging

From: <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 14:56:48 PDT

>perhaps we might think ahead to the possibility of
> putting up newer recordings on the site, which punters might download
> money in the style of Public Enemy.

I think that's the best idea for the sake of Pat and the fans, though I don't know if David really wants to be put into the position of e-commerce. I think a good starting place would be the San Francisco live thing- how about letting people download individual songs for a flat fee? That would make everyone happy. What a strange position Pat is in... I hope we can find a solution that gives him the money he deserves for his material.

On a side note, how come I keep getting three or four copies of some posts?

-Ken Received on Mon Aug 23 15:14 PDT 1999

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