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RE: [JBC] CD duplication is not ok

From: Jim Gibbin <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 15:17:57 PDT

I'm not privy to arlo's personal finances, but since we've ruled out any resonable alternatives, and voluntary royalties would evidently be equally "patronizing" (is that like, uh, having a "patron"?), can anyone burn me a coupla glass CD's?

regards, Jim

>Jim writes:
>> NO ONE is making ANY money off old JBC stuff, except as artifacts on eBay,
>> yet people still get off on copyright law. Sounds kinda naive to me.
>> eBay trading -- remember they are "real" products of a defunct label, not
>> bootlegs-- does clearly establish once and for all that there is a solid
>> market for this great material well beyond the purview of this list. Arlo
>> Guthrie comes to mind as an artist who re-acquired his own rights under
>> own label and puts out a disc & does a gig now and then. Now, maybe if
>> Pat, genius though he be, would get off the fucking barstool.......
>This is precisely the kind of patronizing garbage I was talking about -- as
>if Pat can merely pound the pavement and make it happen. Arlo could buy back
>his rights because he has a steady income from touring, and from his dad's
>legacy. Pat has no such luck. Pat's argument absolutely holds sway here:
>Regardless of whether he sees a penny from second-market transfers of
>copyright licenses (i.e. eBay and whatnot), if he encourages us to
>willy-nilly duplicate his material, we're shooting any chance he'd ever get
>to have the material reissued.
>And as for Dave "Blatzman" -- what, exactly is the wave of the future, Mr.
>Out-Of-Context-Quotation, ripping off artists? Ensuring that only those with
>the largesse of major labels behind them will be heard? Nothing will stop
>it? To the contrary: Either the majors will drag us all kicking and
>screaming into a pay-per-use world (and artists who've been betrayed by
>their fans, like Pat, will grudgingly go along) or we'll only hear music
>from the kinds of bands that can support themselves solely on the basis of
>touring, using recorded music as mere promotional material.
>I don't think there are a lot of Phish and Dead fans on this list.
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