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Re: Seattle Tickets

From: Andrew De Celles <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 09:45:26 PDT

I got my tickets for the LA show, with all of the charges it cost me $35 (Ticket-shysters), a steal considering the nature of what some are willing to play for the privilege of seeing the "greatest live band in existence"

Looking into the possibility of car pooling to the show, Is there going to be a pre-show -glad hand drinking binge with the band in LA? or am I going to be drinking my malt liquor in the parking lot alone.

" 'Households, cities, countries and nations have enjoyed great happiness, when a single individual has taken heed of the Good and the Beautiful . . . Such men not only liberate themselves; they fill those they meet with a free mind.' - Aldous Huxley

God Bless The JBC.....Like Elvis The JBC Lives.


At 12:28 PM 8/21/99 -0700, Brian Clawson wrote:
>The tickets for the Seattle show went on sale today @ 10:00. Go to
> to order. They come out to $11.00 each. I got mine
>Brian Clawson
>Indianola, WA
Received on Mon Aug 23 16:20 PDT 1999

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