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Jazz Butcher on the Radio - NY/NJ

From: <>
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 17:31:21 PDT

JBC list members,

The Jazz Butcher is coming to Wetlands, NYC, Thursday the 23rd of September. We are trying to draw some air play for the band. Those of you living in the NY/NJ area (or those who have nothing better to do from around the country and world) are asked to call the following stations throughout the day and night, requesting some Jazz Butcher tunes. We have informed the stations and most of the DJs of the upcoming show, so I don't think you will be catching them off guard, except for Howard Stern in the morning at K-Rock, perhaps.



WHTG New Jersey Alternative Radio
Request Line:

WFMU Independent Freeform Radio New Jersey On Air Phone:
(201) 200-9368

Office Phone:
(201) 521-1416

WRHU Fordham Radio New York
(718) 817-4634

(718) 817-5174

K Rock New York Alternative Radio (Howard Stern in the morning) New York Phone:
(888) 310-1999
(212) 246-5762
  Received on Mon Aug 23 17:49 PDT 1999

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