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Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 20:42:01 PDT

As a JBC freak since the early 80's. I have felt utterly wasted in my attempts to find Butcher CDs. However, this tour and my planned 14 hour trip to SF has renewed my passion for the music and desire to spread the good word. Plain and simple, people just want to get these great tunes. If I had the cash, I would buy the damn rights myself and give them to Pat (what good would it do)? Their is a cure for this madness, but it will take load of fans and support to find it and make it fly. At last, I would pay to purchase all the goods on CD if they were released and I think we all agree on that. Lets just find an answer that helps the band. If pat can stay afloat, maybe we will be blessed with more of his music.

PB Received on Mon Aug 23 20:59 PDT 1999

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