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Date: Tue 24 Aug 1999 - 01:02:22 PDT

In a message dated 8/23/99 2:55:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Now, maybe if
 Pat, genius though he be, would get off the fucking barstool....... >>

What the hell kind of comment is that? Personally I feel that attacks of a personal nature aimed at Mr. Fish have no place on a JBC FAN list. We, fellow poppets, are in a pretty unique situation here. We all love the JBC. Sure, the band is defunct. Yeah, the older CD's are (currently) unavailable. However, the music itself is still very vital and worthy of our appreciation and discussion, which is why this list is important. Our faneticism is different from most as well in that the Butcher's work has been criminally overlooked. We know the worth of his contribution, but most of the big, scarey planet is sadly unaware. This further unites us as a small but rabid group of fans. And in our rabid thirst for the music of the JBC, perhaps there are those of you who would infringe upon copyrights in order to own the discs. Fine for you. But as has been established, you infringe upon Pat's wishes... Personally, I think that's a horrid trade-off. We're not talking about some huge money-grubbing hit making machine who would as soon spit on a fan as shake his/her hand...we are talking about an artist who has very real affection for his supporters, and is very connected with this list and the web site. In this respect, we are far and away some of the most fortunate fans of any band anywhere. For this reason alone, we should respect the man's wishes. If you don't care to...again, fine for you. I'm not going to sit in judgement over anyone, and I think everyone's heart's in the right place for wanting to go this route. But I feel like its something that should be taken outside.
Thanks for letting me rant, I look forward to talking with y'all about the shows, and putting all this buisiness behind us.

Hope everyone understands the spirit in which this was intended. -Brian Kelly Received on Tue Aug 24 01:19 PDT 1999

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