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some lettered thoughts

From: Jim Davies <>
Date: Tue 24 Aug 1999 - 04:13:08 PDT

  1. all this stuff is hurting my eyes, please stop getting all opinionated and offended and...
  2. pat probably couldn't give a toss whether you make a few copies, but he's not about to encourage it - 'cos the more it happens, the more chance of it hurting him at some point in the future
  3. on the other hand, the more it happens, the more people get to know how good that stuff really is, the bigger the audience for his future work
  4. apart from the good and bad, he doesn't have the right to approve it, and he does have the right to be concerned
  5. i bought some of the cassettes in the auction, but i don't listen to cassettes that much - i'd be much happier to buy
    ***CDs*** from, say,
  6. i've written a couple of books, and i give away PDFs of them via the net, ignoring the possibility of action from the publishers, because i don't think it will harm sales, or me, in the long run, BUT if i found that someone had printed them out, bound them up nicely and was selling them then i'd be very angry indeed - it's not a hard and fast thing, it's a matter of degree and consent
  7. if i didn't already have the CDs, then i'd really want them, but what i'd want even more is pat, on a barstool if need be, playing those songs...
       [ i go away for a week and it sounds as if the JBC may just
       have played not so far away - now that hurts ] 
   H.  one of the best things i've ever heard is david's hollywood
       cassette, it pisses over almost everything else - can't we get

*that* released on CD, legitimately? i'd buy at least three
copies I. without wishing to sound patronising, and despite knowing nothing of the proceedings thus far, i've heard that contracts are supposed to work both ways, and owning the rights can bring an obligation to exercise them or return them - a decent IPR solicitor might help (e.g. Manches in Oxford) J. i don't see why pat and co shouldn't have the brightest of futures ahead - it's just a matter of finding a way through the new media, and avoiding the feeding frenzy that marks the last days of the old - talent will out


jim Received on Tue Aug 24 04:30 PDT 1999

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