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Re: [JBC] pat's thoughts on bootlegging

From: Jim Gibbin <>
Date: Tue 24 Aug 1999 - 07:41:25 PDT

I agree. I bought Three {3} copies of Illuminate and 2 of Sumosonic JUST to pass them on. They weren't cheap, and I ain't rich. I'd LOVE to get hold of the Speedy Gonzalaz/Knocking On heaven's Door EP, which I once had on a tape long ago lent & lost, along with countless others. Also, I've bought Blue Aeoroplanes, Spacemen discs and other stuff, just to branch out from my JBC-esque tastes, thus feuling the economy and helping to feed third world nations like England (just kidding).

Picking up on others' comments, including Pat's own, I just don't see why some net based alternative distribution scheme can't be worked out which puts some actual cash in the artist's/artists' pocket. If you've checked out the JBC site recently you will see that David has some formidable web-design talent (Hey! Let's get on his case for a day!!--just kididng again, jeez). Come to think of it, has it ever happened that an artist PUBLICLY OFFERED BOOTS OF HIS OWN MATERIAL? This might well be a positive, albeit sneaky & illegal, alternative as well as a way of getting the present label off their arses, though of course it would have to done in a manner that would protect the significant parties involved (such as hosting the site in, say, another country). ALL proceeds could be made payable directly to the artists themselves in Swiss bank accounts. Now that sounds like my kind of conspiracy!

Note: this is just train of thought of a POSSIBLE alternative, starting with the fact that inexpensive CD's are easy and cheap to reproduce even by amateurs. I am not necessarily advocating this course, just bouncing it off the crew for shits. That, my friends, is the beauty of this whole email thing.

be good to yourself, JIm

><< I fear a flood of MP3 bootlegs over the next couple of years.
> If this occurs there will be absolutely no point in anybody trying to
> arrange for the re-release of these albums ever. Everyone who wants a copy
> will be able to have one. For free. Which would mean that I had already
> my last dollar from my record-making career. I can't be expected to be
> about that. >>
>I don't believe this is necessarily true. Part of the lure of music buying
>is the aesthetic of packaging (art+words) and the thrill of bonus tracks
>(rare stuff, b-sides, live stuff) combined. Any fan would spend the money
>for all of that plus the re-released album. I don't want to be on anyone's
>bad side, but I can't see that this sort of thing (burning cd's of old out of
>print material for other fans) as a bad entity. What's bad about increasing
>your fanbase? As much as I love Condition Blue, that's not the only album I
>want my friends to have... friends who would come out to support the Butcher
>live if they new more of their back-catalogue... friends who would in turn
>become as fanatical as most of us and pay any good money for proper
>re-releases. The demand becomes: make the re-release worthy of buying (see
>For example: I always love the little notes from Pat in some releases... that
>makes me feel special, and makes the cd packaging as appealing as the music.
>I never needed to buy "Edward's Closet" on cd... I already had those songs.
>I only bought it for the pictures and the liner notes. I'd buy another best
>of collection as well, provided it offered me something besides what i
>already had.
>Just some more fuel to the fire, to hopefully cook food for thought.
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