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SF meet

From: Valerie <>
Date: Tue 24 Aug 1999 - 10:35:12 PDT


So where do we want to meet in SF? it all depends on the night (any info, David?) ...on fridays or saturdays we're going to be kind of smooshed wherever we go, so I'm kind of hoping it'll be on that sunday. Last time around I suggested the Edinburgh Castle, and this time a couple people brought it up again. 20 Tank worked out well last time though, and I think I'd cast my vote there (more open space and more parking). Anyway, that's what i'm thinking about, and I'd be glad to make any arrangements needed.

Also, anyone from SF who's going to Portland/Seattle and wants to get chummy first, email me.
Valerie Received on Tue Aug 24 11:41 PDT 1999

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