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Re: I've failed!

From: Dave Ungar <>
Date: Tue 24 Aug 1999 - 11:58:11 PDT

Nice try Doc. We appreciate the effort. Sucks to be in the Midwest.

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999 17:26:34 edward.doxtator wrote:
>Hey all...
>Well, of course, after declaring that I'd do all I could to get the JBC to
>Chicago, I find now that it's going to be fuck-awful.
>The problem is really:
>***Logistics and cash***
>Essentially, the tour's been set so that the boys go from LA to SF, then
>across country to DC, and then to NYC. The most logical break for them to
>play Chicago is when they're going from SF to DC.
>However, this means:
>-If the band's already booked its airfares for SF to DC, those tickets will
>have to be scrapped, and the band will have to re-book for SF to Chicago.
>The airline may not allow an outright destination change. If that's the
>case, then I wouldn't be surprised if there'll be a penalty (usually
>$50-$150) for re-ticketing with a new destination.
>-At least two sets of extra one-way airfares (or possibly four or five) to
>get the band from Chicago to DC. Not cheap. Could be more than the
>gaurantee fund.
>-Making sure that the band have instruments and the sound equipment for the
>gig. I don't know if they're going to be hauling drums, amps, etc. on the
>plane. If they are, is there going to be extra expense on the part of the
>airline for handling the equipment?
>--Finally, there's the matter of accommodation. Where's everyone gonna
>-Promotion. Who's promoting the gig? I don't care about seeing my part of
>the gaurantee fund. I figure that's $100 to see the JBC. I care that that
>Pat & Co will have enough cash to get a couple of six-packs for the flight
>So I don't really see this happening... if anyone's got any good ideas
>about how we can sort out the logistics problems, and more importantly, the
>financial problems, then e-mail me privately.
>I'm really sorry about this. It's very disappointing.

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