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From: valerie <>
Date: Tue 24 Aug 1999 - 21:15:39 PDT

I like this thread.
On most, if not all, of the mailing lists for performers i've been on the level of devotion is comparable. what's different is accessability to the artist.

The Church - Similar but bigger. Devoted fans and band connections to the list. List members helping co-ordinate tours. Donations even for a band member who'd hit harder times.

David Sylvian - RABID devotion by fans, to a god-like status even, but a much more remote artist. Not really friendly at all. (major bickering about bootlegging issues)

Lloyd Cole - Strong fanbase but little to talk about other than b-sides and boredom. no connection to the Man.

Cocteau Twins - Rabid and long-winded. boring. (major bickering about bootlegging issues). Friendly (former) band tho. Some list-only projects I believe.

Roxy Music - aside from remote side projects, not much to talk about this long after the fact.

Hothouse Flowers - Sweet, but painfully sincere. Sappy. The band is kind enough to talk to fans via guestbook.

I didn't know there was a Go-Betweens/Robert & Grant list! i've been missing out!
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