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Re: Fanaticism

From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Tue 24 Aug 1999 - 23:05:20 PDT

>Lloyd Cole - Strong fanbase but little to talk about other than b-sides and
>boredom. no connection to the Man.

I was on a Lloyd Cole list for awhile (we named our son Cole, not after him but as a result of listening to Rattlesnakes while trying to think of a name) and Lloyd ventured on with some tidbits every now and then if I recall correctly.

Ed Doc mentioned the Trashies (truly a great band). I was on that list for a bit too but the banter seemed pretty weak. There was a fan led rarities CD put together but it didn't keep my attention and met the wrath more commonly known as UNSUBSCRIBE.

One of the most nepotistic list going though has to be Friends of Shane, a Shane MacGowan site. The Pogues have long been a favourite of mine but let's face it, MacGowan is just a sad alcoholic now. I've got the BBC documentary that was done on him recently and if you think Pat needs to get off the bar stool he'll seem like a triathlete when you see the state MacGowan's in. But if you dare say a word that suggests Shane is anything other than a god, expect a torrent of nastiness from the FOS. It eventually met the same fate as the TCS list.

This was the first list I joined when I got online four years ago and the JBC site was the first site I went to. It's the only music list I subscribe to now.

Too bad Pat couldn't time the Seattle gig for the Bumbershoot Festival coming up in early Sept. It would be a virtual Lollapalooza of barmy Brits as Robyn Hitchcock and Billy Bragg (they always seem to pop up in close proximity to each other) are already on the bill there. Received on Tue Aug 24 22:16 PDT 1999

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