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Re: Chicago shows

From: Bob Lyons <>
Date: Wed 25 Aug 1999 - 08:08:46 PDT

At 09:20 AM 8/25/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Cher is fine, but Cyndi Lauper is opening for her!! Whoo-hoo!! Thank God
>the JBC is bypassing Chicago, else I would be in quite a pickle indeed.
>At 06:46 AM 08/25/1999 -0700, Dave Ungar wrote:
> >For those of you who are bummed about JBC not coming to Chicago, Cher will
>be playing in town that Saturday, as will the Alan Parsons Project.

         I guess I'll be going to PUNK-O-RAMA at Bogart's now instead. Received on Wed Aug 25 08:26 PDT 1999

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