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London 24/8/99 -

From: Jonathan Turner <>
Date: Wed 25 Aug 1999 - 15:36:13 PDT

Pat & Max, 12 Bar Club London, 24th August 1999

I arrived at around 10.15pm, just in time to catch the end of Moses' set. Moses appear to be the new Lindisfarne.

Pat & Max (& Pat Byrne on harmonica) started at around 10.30 and played for a little under an hour. A pretty relaxed show, almost subdued at times, but still entertaining. Nice harmonica accompaniment from Pat Byrne (although admittedly he spent the first part of most songs trying out his selection of harps to see which key worked best). As far as I can recall, Pat & Max alternated songs for the whole set - I don't have a set list, but those played included:

falling in love
truck of fear
zombie love

unfortunately of Max's songs all I can recall are "Drink" and something called "The Difference". I obviously need a refresher with "The Best Kisser."
Max's guitar playing was probably the highlight of the evening - which was fortunate since from where I was stood I had a great view of his guitar but couldn't see his head.

No encore, by lack of public demand.

The Jazz Butcher set was followed by an entertaining set from Wolfgang Tschegg; Pat played along on guitar (and sang the second half of Wolfgang's cover of "Racheland") though there were also backing tapes involved.

The good news: you can see and hear Wolfgang's set (and indeed Moses too) via - follow the link to the 12 Bar. For those of you with links as slow as mine, I can assure you that Pat was only buffered once on the night. (Pat's the blur on the left of the image).
The bad news: The Jazz Butcher set doesn't appear to be archived. News you might not want to read: it seems that it WAS netcast live.

Enjoy the US shows!

Jonathan Received on Wed Aug 25 16:01 PDT 1999

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