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Re: London 24/8/99

From: Jonathan Turner <>
Date: Thu 26 Aug 1999 - 14:49:02 PDT

At 10:47 26/08/99 BST, Corazon Ara wrote:
>Jonathon Turner wrote:
>>I don't have a set list, but those played included:
>>falling in love
>>partytime angels

(i meant:
>>truck of fear
>>zombie love
>Also, "Whaddya?", which I thought was a particular highlight (perhaps this
>is what you meant by `Angels'?).

No, I definitely meant Angels, introduced as being written the day that Pat heard about maggie & ronnie bombing Tripoli. Can't now remember if Whaddya? was played as well so I'll go with you on that.  

>Gosh, I was probably standing within inches of you.

I KNEW I should've taken my banana!


Jonathan Received on Thu Aug 26 15:05 PDT 1999

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