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Re: JBC - Mp3 sales and the JBC on the radio.

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Thu 26 Aug 1999 - 14:57:35 PDT

I've just had this bloke[*] talking to me trying to get me to invest time and effort (thankfully not money) in an MP3 site.

Second-hand legal opinion appears to imply that - if glass make no "reasonable effort" to sell his back catalogue - pat is legally entitled to do so himself. This is based on the "nobody can prevent you from making a living" legislation that I am intimately familiar with in other contexts.

Does anyone know about UK law? The whole issue is clouded by territory restrictions, I know, so I'm not so sure that just relocating the back catalgoue stateside will solve many problems.

ed, suddenly called upon

[* "whispering" john, in case anyone is intereted] Received on Thu Aug 26 15:12 PDT 1999

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