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Fans and all

From: <>
Date: Tue 24 Aug 1999 - 13:46:07 PDT

Gregor said:

>Just curious. Is anyone here on any other band/musician list that is
>as fanatical as this one?

Ummm...I've only been on three other lists, and they are:

Feglist (Robyn Hitchcock). About 3% of the list content is devoted to Robyn's music. The rest of it is loaded with all sorts of wild discussions, which can turn quite vicious if you're not careful. I'm still part of this list cos it's so interesting. Chalkhills (XTC). These guys are nuts. Expect to be beaten to death as soon as a negative comment flies about what a crap song "That's Really Super, Supergirl" is. Too many Nazis, so I fled. Shadow Cabinet (The Church). The discussion was limited to the best Church live shows and who had what bootleg to sell or trade. I was outta there in a big hurry.

So, I suspect Gregor's right. Something about the JBC inspires people to make pilgramages, to resurrect the dead. Something about loaves and fishes in the Bible, innit there?

I'm listening to the ball game on the radio right now, and although I didn't really think that it'd be possible for me to say this, but... well... I'm gonna say it and the flames can fly. Jazz Butcher fans have the same religious devotion as Chicago Cubs fans.

Cubs fans say: "One day, the Cubs will get a good pitching staff." JBC fans say: "One day, Pat will get his catalog back."

Cubs fans say: "One day, the Cubs will play defense." JBC fans say: "One day, Pat will get a label that will actually _support_ him."

Cubs fans say: "One day, the Cubs will win the pennant..." JBC fans say: "One day, Pat will release a single that radio stations won't treat like a nine-month old salami."

Cubs fans say: "One day, the Cubs will win the World Series..." JBC fans say: "One day, Pat will do a world tour that'll make the Stones look like what they are... a bunch of withered guys who are STILL riding two good albums from the 1970's..."

n.p. Cubs v. Giants. Giants ahead 8-1 in the 4th inning. Second game of a double-header. It's gonna be a long afternoon at Wrigley Field. Received on Fri Aug 27 01:54 PDT 1999

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