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Re: JBC - Mp3 sales and the JBC on the radio.

From: Jim Davies <>
Date: Fri 27 Aug 1999 - 01:55:24 PDT

More detailed second-hand legal comment. Which is what you'd get from anyone except an expert: most solicitors will say "well, it's not really my field, but..."

The people who own the rights have an obligation. If they are not meeting this obligation, then you can start the process of getting them back. This begins with formal or solicitors' letters explaining your dissatisfaction and then your intent. If they don't reply to any of these, then you're almost there.

You need legal advice to help in phrasing the letters, and in dealing with any replies, and finally in taking back the rights (or making a reasonable offer for them) - or doing what you want with the material in the meantime. You could announce your intent, for example, to distribute in MP3 format.

Unfortunately, experts can be quite expensive. If there's one on the list, that would be great. Otherwise, there's a really good firm in Oxford who can do this sort of thing. Probably one in Northampton, too, for all I know.

Just me and my 20p's worth. Apologies to Pat and co. if they've already explored all of this.

jim Received on Fri Aug 27 02:12 PDT 1999

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