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Re: They got the Music

From: Leonard Newby <>
Date: Tue 31 Aug 1999 - 07:33:07 PDT

>All of those albums you are looking for are alive and >well in Canada

I guess that's just a sad testament to how really wide open Canada is and how far apart the rest of us live from those who are central... ;-)

>Dale Ford is quite right. When I was in Toronto last >year, I found
>undreamed of riches in the J bins across the city.

Checking out the J-bins in record stores across Edmonton and Calgary, the best I usually find is a used copy of Condition Blue, and the occasional copy of the Spooky ep (although not lately). But, if any of you are interested in the CB disc, I will surely snag it for you...

Dale, do you ever see Distressed Gentlefolk or anything older? Need a new buddy? ;-)


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