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jbc 101 for a friend

From: Glen A. Davis <>
Date: Wed 01 Sep 1999 - 09:28:05 PDT

Ok folks, here's the deal. Next Thurs. (9.9.99; what a cool date) I'm going to see the JBC with a friend up in L.A. This guy is kinda a concert buddy, and has never heard the JBC but I didn't want to drive up there (about 3 hrs. and a hotel room) by myself again. So I bought him a ticket and we're splitting a room; mainly so I can see my heroes. So I just finished making him a tape of songs I think the JBC are likely to play and some of my faves. Waddya think? (These are all from cds I have but notice the glaring absence of Sex and Travel, Fishcoteque and Spooky; hint, hint... if anyone finds these in their local used bin I'd buy 'em off you).
Side A - Early years
- Jazz Butcher Theme

  • Party Time
  • Bigfoot Motel
  • Zombie Love
  • Falling in Love
  • Who Loves You Now?
  • Buffalo Shame
  • Angels
  • Southern Mark Smith
  • The Human Jungle
  • DRINK Side B - Later years
  • Line of Death
  • Burglar of Love
  • Shirley MacLaine
  • MonkeyFace
  • Truck of Fear
  • Waddya?
  • Ghosts
  • She's on Drugs
  • Mr. Odd
  • Sister Death

If anyone wants to meet for drinks before or after the show (this is the Troubador show) drop me a line at: notice this is NOT the address I'm posting from so don't hit reply; I'm taking the whole week off work so won't see the list postings till after the show.
Glen Received on Wed Sep 1 10:07 PDT 1999

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