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SF dinner

From: Valerie Hilligan <>
Date: Fri 10 Sep 1999 - 09:17:55 PDT

San Francisco, Mel's Diner, 6:00pm before the Music Hall show. It's relatively inexpensive, generic american food, and they have large booths. Not much ambiance, but it could be worse (Hard Rock Cafe)!

Mel's Diner, 1050 Van Ness Ave (at Geary), San Francisco. About 2 blocks from the venue.
Look for me, I'm a woman in my 20's with a splotch of bright red in my hair (
Please RSVP to me if possible. I'll likely be the first one there and I'd like to have an idea what size table to get. email

Hey! that's tomorrow! Received on Fri Sep 10 09:34 PDT 1999

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