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Re: Portland show, etc.

From: David Thompson <>
Date: Sun 12 Sep 1999 - 20:55:10 PDT


I just joined the list, haven't received a post yet, and am already posting (so much for lurking). I live in Portland and JBC are playing here on Tuesday. I was wondering oh so many things.

Is anyone on the list is planning on going to the Portland show?

Have the set lists from the Californian shows been posted? (if so, could someone forward them to me?)

Does anyone know the bands itinerary for the next few days? (ie. are they doing any other events in Portland besides Berbatis Pan, when do they arrive in town, do they want to guest teach my high school class in "Survey of Modern Music" this week, etc.)

Mildly embarrassed about blathering,

David Received on Sun Sep 12 20:06 PDT 1999

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