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JBC SF show, and e-bay crap

From: David Zembower <>
Date: Mon 13 Sep 1999 - 14:50:11 PDT

Hello List,

First off, I'm still reeling from the SF show Saturday night, even after an exhausting delayed flight back to Chicago yesterday! Shit, it was a thousand times better than I had hoped. It was also great to meet a few people from the list; at least I can put three faces with names, even though one name is a lurker (you know who you are, can you send me the playlist you recorded?).

I noticed some joker is trying to sell a vinyl copy of Bloody Nonsense ("the JBC's first album"), supposedly autographed by Pat and David J., for $300!! Any wagers about the authenticity of those autographs? I'll laugh myself silly if someone buys it.

Congrats to those of you going to the OR and WA shows, you are in for a rare treat.

David Received on Mon Sep 13 15:19 PDT 1999

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