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JBC LA show

From: Glen A. Davis <>
Date: Mon 13 Sep 1999 - 16:19:29 PDT

Some of my thoughts on the LA show on 9/9/99. A really great show. Although I've been a fan of the JBC since about 1986, this was my first time to get to see them. Pat and Max looked much younger than I expected them to; they looked great and seemed to be having a very good time. I think Pat was blown away by how crowded the place was (I was too). The place (Troubadour) was absolutely jam packed; very hard to move around at all. The show itself was very energetic, loud and wild. I expected more mellow slow songs (I would have loved to hear Sister Death), but had a great time with the wild set. Of course I was also quite bombed on $4 bottles of schlock beer. A couple of surprises to me was that it is actually Max, not Pat, that sings Who Loves You Now? and DRINK, and was very surprised they didn't play Human Jungle. The show was almost 2 hours long which was very cool, and ending with Roadrunner was great. I think I was the only one in the place wearing a Jazz Butcher Conspiracy T-shirt and a few people commented on 'cool shirt, where'd you get it' to which I asked if they were on the JBC list. But alas, noone I met was a list member; I wanted to meet some of you. By the way, a highlight, after the show I got Pat to sign my JBC T-shirt right across the chest (I told you I was a bit loaded). He was very gracious and nice and didn't seem to mine signing things people brought him. I can't quite make out what he wrote though, it looks like "Pat Fishy '99 (!)" Would he sign something as "Fishy"?
I met I guy who was going to tape the show and I gave him my email address but I'd be shocked if I ever hear from him. If anyone got a good copy of the show, I'd love to get a copy. Anyway, a wild time was had by all. Glen Received on Mon Sep 13 16:36 PDT 1999

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