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Re: JBC LA show

From: R&T <>
Date: Mon 13 Sep 1999 - 17:40:55 PDT

My story is similar. It was my first JBC show. I too was wearing a Jazz Butcher T-shirt (although I had to make it myself). The show was excellent and the encores of "Skinheads" and "Roadrunner" were great. In the brief time I asked Pat for an autograph he said I was "mad" for traveling from NY to see his show. It was worth the trip and I can't wait to see him in NY too!

If you want to see the autograph it is on my JBC "variations" page:

I saw only one person taking photos (and she only took two that I could tell). If anyone has any LA show pictures, please post them so we can all see 'em. Big thanks.

See ya,
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From: Glen A. Davis <>
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Sent: Monday, September 13, 1999 7:19 PM Subject: JBC LA show

> Some of my thoughts on the LA show on 9/9/99. A really great show.
> Although I've been a fan of the JBC since about 1986, this was my first
> to get to see them. Pat and Max looked much younger than I expected them
> to; they looked great and seemed to be having a very good time. I think
> was blown away by how crowded the place was (I was too). The place
> (Troubadour) was absolutely jam packed; very hard to move around at all.
> The show itself was very energetic, loud and wild. I expected more
> slow songs (I would have loved to hear Sister Death), but had a great time
> with the wild set. Of course I was also quite bombed on $4 bottles of
> schlock beer. A couple of surprises to me was that it is actually Max,
> Pat, that sings Who Loves You Now? and DRINK, and was very surprised they
> didn't play Human Jungle. The show was almost 2 hours long which was very
> cool, and ending with Roadrunner was great.
> I think I was the only one in the place wearing a Jazz Butcher Conspiracy
> T-shirt and a few people commented on 'cool shirt, where'd you get it' to
> which I asked if they were on the JBC list. But alas, noone I met was a
> list member; I wanted to meet some of you. By the way, a highlight,
> the show I got Pat to sign my JBC T-shirt right across the chest (I told
> I was a bit loaded). He was very gracious and nice and didn't seem to
> signing things people brought him. I can't quite make out what he wrote
> though, it looks like "Pat Fishy '99 (!)" Would he sign something as
> "Fishy"?
> I met I guy who was going to tape the show and I gave him my email address
> but I'd be shocked if I ever hear from him. If anyone got a good copy of
> the show, I'd love to get a copy. Anyway, a wild time was had by all.
> Glen
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