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[JBC] in the studio - what transpired

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Mon 13 Sep 1999 - 21:44:08 PDT

that was sorta fun..

pat, max, owen and steve valentine were in a studio for about 3 hours this afternoon in san francisco. most of the time was spent as a practice session to teach steve the moves. i had a DAT running the whole time with a decent enough rough mix going to capture mostly listenable versions of:

	take the skinheads bowling
	she's on drugs
	walk with the devil
	(probably more)

these are also on 16 channel ADAT.

the last hour was spent getting max's The Long Night Comes onto tape, with owen on tambourine and mysterious handheld drum.

the rough mix is good enough for a website and will be as soon as i can suck it into a computer and turn it into MP3 & RealAudio. watch for them at a website near you by week's end.

as we've yet to sort out legalities of any of this, i'm going to hold off making the new max tune into an MP3 - it will only stream.. hope that's good enough!

as a bonus - the entire thing was captured onto high-quality video as well. i'll let mark announce potential availability of *that* :-)

now i can die, i guess.

-david (

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