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SF Show

From: iaa <>
Date: Tue 14 Sep 1999 - 10:08:25 PDT

David Zembower wrote:
>It was also great to meet a few
>people from the list; at least I can put three faces with names, even
>though one name is a lurker (you know who you are, can you send me the
>playlist you recorded?).

okay, okay. i suppose it's not so fair to continue lurking when i have something that people want...

SF playlist was as follows:

What's the Matter, Boy?
Rakin' Up Leaves (Max)
La Mer
The Human Jungle
Just Like Betty Paige
Baby, It's You (???-a great Max tune, but as i've never found his record, i'm

        not sure of the name...)
Girls Who Keep Goldfish
Don't Let Me Keep You (???-an Owen Jones tune, again not positive of the name) Soul Happy Hour

  • Intermission -------------

Jazz Butcher -v- Count Dracula
Mr. Odd
She's On Drugs
Freebird... (Well, okay, they didn't actually play it. but it was strongly

        requested, to which Max said "Don't tempt me...") Walk With the Devil
President Reagan's Birthday Present
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
The Long Night Starts (a new tune from Max) Rain
Old Snakey
Bigfoot Motel
Zombie Love

  • Encore ----------------

Who Loves You Now?
Take the Skinheads Bowling

and, for the first time i've ever seen, a...

-------------Second Encore -------------


all in all, well... not a song on the list i didn't enjoy. (course there's not a song that he _didn't_ play that i wouldn't have loved to hear.)

special thanks to the lovely woman who loaned me her lipstick (so's i could continue obsessively jotting down song titles after my pencil broke...)

glorious time at the show, and at the edinburgh castle after for drinks with the band and various list members i met two years ago. (or at least a glorious time until the drinks caught up and i crawled home. hope you all continued the fun well into dawn.)

same time next year? or at least make it a semi-annual event, as it's been recently. please...?

ciao. back to lurking...

-ivan Received on Tue Sep 14 10:15 PDT 1999

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