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From: <>
Date: Tue 14 Sep 1999 - 10:36:30 PDT

     Hello Dave,,

        I hope you get this letter . I am sendng it from my new web address . It was great to see you and a few more familiar faces from the 97 show. I also wanted to thank you again for letting me sit at your table at the show.

      I was also writing regarding the past due account that my friend.,Greg Melcarz and I aquired during the J.B.C. action last year.( I
would really like to pay the balnce and get the money to you so you can give it to Pat.)

       Finally I wanted to send you a copy of the tape Max(Peter Millson)Eider sent me as well as few other random things here and there (including the wonderful songs from a tape Mr. Jones just gave me.) If yu would like to talk in person, feel free to call me anytime! (323)466- 6302.

 Long live the J.B.C. !!!!!!!!!!

  james duval Received on Tue Sep 14 10:54 PDT 1999

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