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Re: SF Show

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Tue 14 Sep 1999 - 11:35:19 PDT

and lo, it be spoken

> OK, I'll bite and ask the one question that's been on everyone's minds, but
> we fear to ask because of the CD-burner thread: is there a tape of the
> show?

um, sortof.

david arrives at the show with an 8 channel digital tape machine only to find that 1) the soundman is unable to provide individual channel feeds as in 1997 and 2) david forgets how to push the FORMAT button before RECORD.

so there is no multi-track recording of the show.

any cassettes in the house? no? a list member (thanks! email me!) runs across the street to purchase some blanks.

much music ensues.

upon listening to the cassettes, it is discovered that 1) the soundman's "cassette feed" does not include all instruments, notably absent is pat's guitar. (pair this one with the 1998 atlanta "pat's guitar lesson" tape and you'll know all the guitar parts) 2) the risk that soundboard mixes may be optimized for the room and not for tape are realized: the drums are awash in REVERB and 3) the noise level is horrendous.


-david (

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