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CA Shows

From: Ray Koke <>
Date: Wed 15 Sep 1999 - 00:31:24 PDT

Gosh, you mean I'm the only one who traveled from China to see them? (Okay, I had other reasons to be in CA, but I scheduled the trip with the CA shows in mind...)

Some thoughts...

Actually there was some room at the Troubador -- upstairs in the "balcony," and a great view from there as well.

The SF show sounded much more acoustic to me (at the beginning, anyway), and the sound seemed *much* better overall. Also Pat's dialogue with the crowd was greater and quite casual.

Someone from the U.K. sold me a ticket at the door of the GAMH, if you're on the list, hello!

Anyway, much fun.

Back to lurk mode.

Ray Received on Wed Sep 15 00:54 PDT 1999

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